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You can still make art!

Dear Families,

  I have been thinking about you often and miss the children very much. I know your home community is quite different from our classroom community. However, there are many ways we can practice making art at home like we do in the art room.  I am remembering many of the original ideas children have taught me over the years and wanted to share them with you. Here are a few ways you can create with your family:

How do we make art? 

First, we think about an idea, find supplies and tools and set up our workspace. Next, we make our ideas.  (As the teacher, I step back and let the children be during this part of class. I will step in if I see a safety or respect issue.  I will also teach a technique on demand if need be.) We clean up our workspace as we go. We take a step back and look at our work. We decide when we are finished. Finally we clean up our mess…and always clean up a little bit more than our   mess. Can you sweep the whole floor under the table rather than just under your spot? Yes! Can you wash the other dishes in the sink rather than just your water cup? Of course!

What tools can I use? 

The first set of tools we have is always our heads, hands and hearts. Start there!  Your head holds your knowledge of how to design, build and arrange. Your hands hold the power to rip, cut and hold any other tools you have. But your heart helps you express your idea and share it with the world. You might also have scissors, a hole punch, paintbrush, needle or hammer. Look around your home and see what you have to set up a small studio. Put them in a box and make sure you keep any sharp items away from babies. 

 What supplies can I use? 

Give thanks for the many items you have around your home, inside and out. The possibilities are endless here: paper scraps, magazines, cardboard boxes or cylinders, crayons, fabric, markers, twist ties, pencils, yarn, glue, sticks, sand, pinecones, leaves,  ect. Talk to your family before you use anything you find. You don’t want to take your brother’s shoelaces or your sister’s earrings. We use all kinds of common supplies to express ourselves. Remember to be thankful for the items that we use each day and once they are gone…they are gone. Use our resources wisely.

 What if I don’t have any ideas?  

Art can be made from memories, emotions, things we wonder about or people we admire. We might think of a place we have been or want to go to. Sometimes art is none of those things and we can simply make lines, shapes and colors. If you want to learn a specific technique, ask an adult or look online for a tutorial.  I am inspired by nature, so I often go outside to watch the trees and the water. I often wonder how to paint the wind and smells around me. I am also inspired by children…You crack me up and bring me lots of joy that shows up as lines, shapes and colors in my artwork. 

What if I mess up?  

It happens all the time! That’s ok. You have all seen me mess up in class and we usually all laugh together. Then we all find our breath and solve the problem. Do I need to start over? Do I need to throw it away? Do I need to clean up a mess? Do I need to take a break and try again later? Remember Art is a process. We practice being human and sharing our ideas with other humans. 

Anything Else?

 Remember your breath. We all practice breathing together everyday. Remember that breath as you create, as you are practicing patience with your family and or feeling uneasy. Breathe in and out and remember that I am breathing with you. I have a lot of faith in you and look forward to teaching you again.  Also, if you’d like to share your art with me take a picture and post it on our class blog  I would love to see it!


Love,  Mrs. Merdzinski