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Preparing for the Souper Bowl Supper: February 7

We will be preparing for the Souper Bowl Supper today and everyday until February 7, 2020. We will be working through a variety of clay studio and advertising tasks. Here is our

Clay Studio To Do List:

1 . Wet clay Studio

  1. Make clay bowls. We will learn the pinch, coil and slab building techniques that fit under the idea of hand building with clay. Students will collaborate to create and attach coils, smooth and repair rough edges and and work on the inside and outside of bowls.
  2. Make slip.
  3. Recycle Clay: pour clay on to the plaster bat, and wedge it into soft clay when ready.
  4. Load Bisque Kiln
  5. unload kiln

2. Bisque Pots Studio

  1. Glaze pots,
  2. clean bottoms
  3. load kiln
  4. unload kiln

3. Art Show Chores

  1. Contact Oscoda Press to see if they will come into to watch us work and tell community about our show
  2. Make price tags
  3. Label all pots with price tags
  4. make large community posters