Empty Bowls Project

3-8 graders have been cooperating to create “community coil pots”.  Students understand that all work that he or she does on these pots one hour may be manipulated, scraped and changed by the next artist who chooses it.  We have been having problems with slipping and scoring. This is an essential part of connecting two…

Thankful for the Compost Kids

We are building a strong team of Compost Kids. Today, the 3rd graders are adding carbon to the pile with shredded paper and pencil shavings. Next, we dumped the clay water from art class that we use to rinse the terracotta clay off with.  We will continue to layer the carbon sources and nitrogen sources…

Clay Culture

Watch the skill of this potter who currently works in mexico. Pay close attention to the recycling method, we will be doing that next week.

7th graders are studying trees in detail around our school yard.  We will take these sketches to create stop and go animation projects. What stories will we create and tell?  

Clay Play Practice

Students in 3-8 are practicing with modeling clay to create sculptures. Clay takes a lot of practice to master. We will be studying masters in the history of clay as we move on to using terracotta clay to make our soup bowls for our fundraiser.

Compost Kids Paint Buckets

COMPOST KIDS get ready to compost in the lunch room.  We are painting the buckets.  The duty of REMS compost kids is to dump the buckets when they get 3/4 full.  Next they need to rebag the bucket to prepare for its next use.

Compost Kids Build a Compost Pile

Compost Kids worked together to build a compost pile with bales of hay.  The pile has sticks on the bottom layer.  The next step is to begin the composting in the lunch room next week.   Way to go kids!

Sixth Grade Weaving Projects

Sixth Graders are weaving the wrist wraps in art class.  Choose your loom and yarn. Create your weft, weave your warp and add a rya.