Thank You PRIDE!

Today the PRIDE Group from REMS came over to perform for us.  They told us the story of Simba.  We learned how to make good choices.  Thank You PRIDE!

Thankful for Fruits and Veggies!

Today we were thankful for the new fruit and vegetable grant.  We get healthy snacks at school every week!  We made huge perspective fruit drawings.

Water, Water, Water!

Thank You to the students in Mrs. MacGregor’s class for helping add water to our compost pile.  We worked together to haul buckets of water to the compost pile.  Water is a very important ingredient in the compost recipe.

Computer Kids

We are thankful to the second grade computer kids for helping the kindergarten students in the lab. We will be working together to teach and learn how to log on and off.  Next, we will use the internet to play Starfall Reading Games.  The children are also reading together in the library and presenting poem…

Thank You Mr. Gaines!

Thank You Mr. Gaines for testing all our computer log-ins and passwords. That took a lot of time and concentration.  We appreciate you!