4th Grade Builds Homes

 4th Graders are collecting natural items such as pinecones, sticks and stones to create homes. Can you imagine if we only had natural objects to build our homes?

5th Grades continue to be creative with their mask making. A black and white series of 3 friends, a grandpa mask and rainbow sparkle are just a few masks to share.

4th Grade: Home Structures

4th graders are inspired by our Native Americans. How did they build homes before modern times? How can we use our resources to build a structure?

Block Building Sculptures

When students are in ART positive behavior mode we can use the blocks and books for inspiration. Students work alone to balance towers in many ways. Often students work as teams of 2-4 to build battles, castles and other creative structures. Building with blocks promotes teamwork, 3 dimensional thinking and many happy moments in the…

Pontoon Boat Sculpture

Here is a pontoon boat made with cardboard and glue. This project was inspired by the artist’s personal experience.

Origami Wreath Sculptures

Artists are creating a smaller and larger wreathes to create a sculpture. Hours of work are needed to create this interactive sculpture!

6th Grade Wire Sculptures

w Students are working on wire sculptures and writing about them. They are working on posing their sculptures. By Max Cain