Writing our Journals with Garden Buddies

The second graders are helping the kindergarten students write about out garden.  We are keeping journals to observe what we see.  There are many changes every day!

1st and 2nd Graders are Great Teachers!

First and Second Graders are sharing their knowledge of the garden with the youngers.  We teach about safety and rules, perenials and annuals, and soil and water.  The garden is our favorite palce to be!

How tall are our Tulips?

Second graders are using rulers to measure the height of our Tulips growing in the garden.  We are taking the information we observe into the computer lab where we can blog about it or create Kidspiration files about it.

Week 1 of Garden Season!

Garden season begins today! Please bring your coat to every class with Mrs. Merdzinski because we will be going outside to look for signs of spring this week! We will be blogging about it, reading garden books in the library and making art in the art room! What did you see outside this week

Fingerpainting First Graders

These girls are putting the finishing touches  on our tree root mural.  They all agree finger paintng is fun!

Big Sun Painting

Thank You William for being part of our Big Sun Mural.  Many students worked together to paint with acrylic and tempera paints.  We wanted to make it very bright.

New Compost Kids

We are excited to welcome many new Compost Kids to our team.  Brenton, Carson, Josh, Aiden, Cameron, and Breanna all new members excited to work.  Good thing, because we have lots of chores to do.  Now we pick up all the classrooms compost and clean the buckets. We will also be turning the pile more…

More Carbon Please and Thank You!

We are heading outside everyday for Compost Kids and it is great to feel the air getting warmer.  Today we put in a big bag of sawdust and a big box of bark.  We know that these materials are the carbon that we need for our compost!  Thank You for donating Mr. Lovelace and Mrs….

Why isn’t our Compost Cooking?

After tracking the compost in our tumbler for over a month, we are disappointed in the progress we are making.  The temperature inside the tumbler is still 80 degrees.  It is very wet and heavy from the water, food scraps and shredded cardboard we have been adding.  Are there any compost experts out there?  We…