Ancient Japanese Craft: Origami

Our students love origami! This ancient Japanese craft is a paper folding tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.  If you mess up no fear… you can always make a ball to toss and try the rabbit again. Look around for paper that you have around your house. As soon as you…

5th Grade Origami Wreaths

5th graders are beginning to fold with fury! Check out these tutorials from Trash Origami! There are many tutorials on this clip. Origami wreathes begin at 2:15:12, just after the red and green book tutorial.  Remember everyone’s brain does not understand the art of folding.  Give it a try, work in your sketchbook or contribute…


5th graders are challenged by Origami Wreathes.

Origami Wreathes

Students who are successful with the origami wreathes are embellishing them painted patterns. Look at the differences.

Origami Wreath Sculptures

Artists are creating a smaller and larger wreathes to create a sculpture. Hours of work are needed to create this interactive sculpture!