Schoolyard clean up day

We raked, we planted, and we organized. This is about the schoolyard clean up!!!!!!! First we brought a bunch of first graders out to the green house and we planted inside the green house. We planted cucumber, kale, spinach, zucchini, cilantro, thyme,and wheat grass. After the first graders went inside owl green team turned up…

Seed Sorting

Sorting seeds Today owl treen is sorting seeds for us to plant. From alyssum to squash we are sorting and then planting. Sorting through a gigantic box of bags of seeds and working hard too!! All of the plants or vegetables you can think of we got them and will be planting. Owl green team…

Owl green team

Today we have two new members Emma and Brian. We planted a variety of lettuces for slo mo to eat. We used old soil for the green house as a planting medium.

Owls green team

Today we are doing work with planting food for slow mo. Also we are cleaning out Slow Mo’s cage.Some people are making signs for slow mo’s cage. now we are cleaning up our working area.