Soup Bowl Buddies

An Opportunity for 6th grade artists to the give the gift of Knowledge. 6th Grade Students will apply to be a Soup Bowl Buddy. Soup Bowl Buddies will work together during 6th grade Art Enrichment to teach kindergarten students how to make a clay bowl. Artists will teach plan writing and sketching, properties of clay,…

Earn Pottery Wheel Opportunity

Students have the opportunity to earn a chance to throw on the potters wheel after completing his or her own clay pot with excellent craftsmanship and creativity. Will you earn the honor?        

Empty Bowls Project

3-8 graders have been cooperating to create “community coil pots”.  Students understand that all work that he or she does on these pots one hour may be manipulated, scraped and changed by the next artist who chooses it.  We have been having problems with slipping and scoring. This is an essential part of connecting two…

Clay Play Practice

Students in 3-8 are practicing with modeling clay to create sculptures. Clay takes a lot of practice to master. We will be studying masters in the history of clay as we move on to using terracotta clay to make our soup bowls for our fundraiser.