Clay Sculpture Creatures

Students created sculptures of snails, turtles and pond creatures.  We used fresh new modeling clay, pipe cleaners, and buttons.


What a great day we had with 1st and 2nd graders in the computer lab.  Students with great behavior get to write his or her name on a ticket and put it in the bucket.  Mrs. Merdzinski chooses three students at a time to make an I Spy Team.  One student holds the I Spy…

What’s really on the ground?

We brainstormed all the things we might find on the ground when in nature…Keep your eyes open for pine cones, rocks, Petoskey stones, acorns, leaves, flowers and leaves on our team ground murals.

Organizing Alphabet

Today the students are organizing the letters in the alphabet.  Both capital and lowercase letters will be hidden in the exhibit.  Do you think you know all your letters?