Writing our Journals with Garden Buddies

The second graders are helping the kindergarten students write about out garden.  We are keeping journals to observe what we see.  There are many changes every day!

How tall are our Tulips?

Second graders are using rulers to measure the height of our Tulips growing in the garden.  We are taking the information we observe into the computer lab where we can blog about it or create Kidspiration files about it.

Hiding Letters

Some students are coloring letters.  We will hide every letter of the alphabet in the exhibit.  Both capital and lower case letters were fun for the children to make in his or her own style!

Advertising our Show

Today first and second graders learned about advertising.  We made posters to go all over the school and let people know about the I Spy Art Exhibit. 6th Annual I SPY ART EXHIBIT!!!!!! What: A place to enjoy Children’s Art and Play I Spy Who: The Cedar Lake Families Where: On the stage behind the…

Creating I Spy Lists

Students are gearing up for the I Spy Art Exhibit by typing lists on the computer.  We are using Kidspiration to create I Spy List #1, #2 and beyond.  We are learning how to space, use pronouns and use the comma.

Why isn’t our Compost Cooking?

After tracking the compost in our tumbler for over a month, we are disappointed in the progress we are making.  The temperature inside the tumbler is still 80 degrees.  It is very wet and heavy from the water, food scraps and shredded cardboard we have been adding.  Are there any compost experts out there?  We…

Learning about Blogging and Internet Safety

Students are learning about internet safety. Using the internet takes extra respect and responsibility. Students must exhibit exceptional listen behavior in order to use the internet at school.  They are invited to our blog by signing the Internet pledge of being Safe, Respectful and Responsible.

Second Graders Publish Autobiographies

Second Graders are working on writing autobiographies in the computer lab.  We use Kidspiration software to organize our ideas and then write sentences.  Next we will edit to create a paragraph, publish and print.  Autobiographies can tell you about the incredible lives of the local second graders written by the students!  Biographies are true stories…

Second Graders Reach For Goals!

The second graders are working hard to earn 10 stars during computer class.  When they do, students can shoot their hands up to signal that they’ve reached their goal.  Next, students put their names on the Super Star Wall.  We sure do have a lot of Super Stars at Cedar Lake!