Skeleton Collages

The first graders were excited to to share that the human body has 206 bones in it. They collaborated to create this bigger than them skeleton collage.

Pumpkin Collage

Kindergarten students are working together to create pumpkin collages. When collaging they learn to paint below and over the paper to seal the collage.

Hand in Hand Awards

Students had the opportunity to volunteer to make our hand in hand awards. These awards honor volunteers who serve our school. Thanks everyone for your help!

Open Studios:Owls

Recently we’ve been working in clay,drawing,or collageing a sculpture of an owl. I’ve gone around the room to find hard working students focused on making their sculpture of the many key workers is Adam hein. He is working on a jet inside of it he is working on the fighter jets and he’s using…

8th Grade Culture Collages

What’s important to you?   8th Grade Artist collage symbols and words to teach about his or her cultures.