Block Building Sculptures

When students are in ART positive behavior mode we can use the blocks and books for inspiration. Students work alone to balance towers in many ways. Often students work as teams of 2-4 to build battles, castles and other creative structures. Building with blocks promotes teamwork, 3 dimensional thinking and many happy moments in the…

Skeleton Collages

The first graders were excited to to share that the human body has 206 bones in it. They collaborated to create this bigger than them skeleton collage.

Pumpkin Collage

Kindergarten students are working together to create pumpkin collages. When collaging they learn to paint below and over the paper to seal the collage.

Welcome Back To School!

Welcome back to school everyone!  I am very happy to begin a new teaching and learning position at REMS, grades 3-8 ART and Social Studies!  Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will begin the year with Unit # 1: Building a Classroom Community.  This unit will explore what it means to be a Responsible Citizen…