5th Grades continue to be creative with their mask making. A black and white series of 3 friends, a grandpa mask and rainbow sparkle are just a few masks to share.

5th Grade Origami Wreaths

5th graders are beginning to fold with fury! Check out these tutorials from Trash Origami! There are many tutorials on this clip. Origami wreathes begin at 2:15:12, just after the red and green book tutorial.  Remember everyone’s brain does not understand the art of folding.  Give it a try, work in your sketchbook or contribute…


5th graders are challenged by Origami Wreathes.

New Owl Green Team 16/2017

Mrs.Merdzinski’s 5th grade classes have had many people sign up for OWL GREEN TEAM!!! We started on a new year and its been great so far. We have planted bulbs and worked on the garden. We all hope to have a great year and get the garden to like its never looked before. The garden…

5th Grade Masks

In art class, Mrs.Merdzinski is letting the 5th grade make masks! The 5th graders are being so creative. The ideas of masks are beyond what these people are making. We have masquerade masks, paper masks, and so much more. But sometimes things don’t end up like there suppose to but that’s not failing, its that…


Today a group of students from the Youth Advisory Council came to Richardson elementary school. The Youth Advisory Council is a county wide group that raises money for grants and helps the community. The art class there taught by Jamie Merdzinski is preparing for the Souper bowl supper. Which is a fund raiser held to…

5th Grade Printmaking

Today we worked on printmaking. We used a brayer it is a small hand held rubber roller used to spread painting ink evenly on a surface before printing.

New Year To Do List

1.  Make Pots! 2. Glaze Pots! 3. Load pots in the kiln! 4. Fire Pots!