4th Grade Builds Homes

 4th Graders are collecting natural items such as pinecones, sticks and stones to create homes. Can you imagine if we only had natural objects to build our homes?

4th Grade: Weaving Together

4th grade is learning how to weave on a cardboard loom. I can’t wait to see what combinations students come up with.  Students are forming weaving circles to teach, learn and build community together.

4th Grade: Home Structures

4th graders are inspired by our Native Americans. How did they build homes before modern times? How can we use our resources to build a structure?

4th Grade Celebrates Positive Behavior!

our first oscoda owl friday!we are all working hard and taking pictures.it’s very fun.we earned it all in the past week.now we get to have fun! By: Ian B.

New Year To Do List

1.  Make Pots! 2. Glaze Pots! 3. Load pots in the kiln! 4. Fire Pots!  

Clay Play Practice

Students in 3-8 are practicing with modeling clay to create sculptures. Clay takes a lot of practice to master. We will be studying masters in the history of clay as we move on to using terracotta clay to make our soup bowls for our fundraiser.

4th Grade Illustrations

4th Graders are illustrated stories they wrote in Langauge class.  Next step…Animate in the computer lab!  Students are excited to make the stories come alive!


Compost Kid is beginning at REMS!  Applications are available in the Art room during your lunch. Get your lunch first and then head on down any Monday to join the club!  After completing the application students will become leaders of our school composting program. Students will volunteer at lunch, educate through blogs and presentations and…

COMPOST KIDS Chatter Begins!

    Today we began introducing students to the ideas of  COMPOST KIDS at REMS.  Teams cooperate to read the t-shirts and create posters to tell us about the program.  This year, Compost Kids will be completely student led. Monday meetings will be held to explore the greenhouse, learn about our school yard and work…