How tall are our Tulips?

Second graders are using rulers to measure the height of our Tulips growing in the garden.  We are taking the information we observe into the computer lab where we can blog about it or create Kidspiration files about it.

Second Graders Reach For Goals!

The second graders are working hard to earn 10 stars during computer class.  When they do, students can shoot their hands up to signal that they’ve reached their goal.  Next, students put their names on the Super Star Wall.  We sure do have a lot of Super Stars at Cedar Lake!

Lots of projects happening in Art Class!

Today the students worked together on different projects in Art Class.  We made Christmas Tree Collages out of scraps and shapes.  Then we used newspaper and watery glue to paper mache snowmen sculptures.  First Graders collaborated on a Big Buck Mural.

Using a Thermometer to measure Compost

Today, we went outside to take the compost pile’s temperature.  The thermometer was very long.  We were bummed out because the temperature was only 40 degrees.  We were hoping it would be hotter in the middle of the compost so that it would be cooking inside.  We brainstormed ideas of how to get our pile…

The Thanksgiving Graph

Mrs. Merdzinski is keeping data of how many times the students say Thank You.  She is graphing the data outside the library on the big bulletin board. Today the students help make the dashes to help us read between the tens digit on our graph.   We keep looking at it change every day.  We wonder…

Thanksgiving Dinner Collages

Today, we used paper, glue, markers and colored pencils to show what our Thanksgiving dinner looks like.  We added plates of food and people eating around the table.  We followed number directions to pick up supplies and added good manner words to our conversations.

Super Stars

The First and Second Grade Students have been motivated to earn stars on our Basic Skills computer games.  Students earn stars by completing activities in Super Phonics, Mastering Numeration, and Site Words.  As they reach personal goals, students celebrate by a class round of applause and adding a star to the wall.  Watching our stars…