Skeleton Collages

The first graders were excited to to share that the human body has 206 bones in it. They collaborated to create this bigger than them skeleton collage.

Bird Watching Takes Teamwork!

Today we looked and listened for birds in the garden.  If your class was quiet, we were able to see many birds.  If we were too loud the birds flew away long before we could see them.  We took our ideas into the art room to make Bird Collages and Sculptures.  We were able to…

1st and 2nd Graders are Great Teachers!

First and Second Graders are sharing their knowledge of the garden with the youngers.  We teach about safety and rules, perenials and annuals, and soil and water.  The garden is our favorite palce to be!

Planting Pea Seeds

Three classes were able to plant Pea seeds today.  Pea plants like the chilly spring weather better than the hot summer.  We planted the seeds one to two inches deep.  They are supposed to germinate in 7 days.  Germinate means sprout.  We will be looking for them in a week!

Thank You to All the Volunteers…Our school yard looks great!

Thank You to Americor, Huron Pines, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for attending our Compost Kids Earth Day Event.  We sanded and painted 10 benches, painted a brick wall, planted 70 trees, built a new compost fence, raked and raked and raked!  Our school yard looks great and we are very thankful for all the…

Sunrise Side Chalk Drawing

First Graders learn why Oscoda is called the Sunrise Side by blending their chalk drawings. Each picture was very unique even though we all included Lake Huron and the Sun.

Week 1 of Garden Season!

Garden season begins today! Please bring your coat to every class with Mrs. Merdzinski because we will be going outside to look for signs of spring this week! We will be blogging about it, reading garden books in the library and making art in the art room! What did you see outside this week

Clay Sculpture Creatures

Students created sculptures of snails, turtles and pond creatures.  We used fresh new modeling clay, pipe cleaners, and buttons.