Owl Green Team

Owl Green Team is a simple school garden club. Each year we look at our schedule and form a team of fifth graders who work together in our garden and greenhouse. Students also take care of our class pet: Slo Mo the tortoise. This is a un student led team that gets our daily chores done and gets on with our day.


84 thoughts on “Owl Green Team

  1. I Would like to be on the owl green team again this year. I enjoy helping to plant seeds, and I am a hard worker cleaning the green house.

  2. I would like to join owls green team because last year I wasn’t there. For a long time and I would still like to learn how plants grow inside

  3. I would like to join Owl Green Team again this year because I would like to help plant things in the garden with you.

  4. I would like to join the super bowl super and voulunteer for the super bowl supper because I love to voulunteer and make bowls and help our community thank u Emma przybylinski

  5. Maybe, if it was warm enough. We could go outside. But its still winter. Although, I liked the SloMo Picture. Right now he is so cute! Riley is saying. YAH.

  6. OGT is soooo fun. I love having experience in the garden because you get a break and you get to hang out with your friends!!!

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