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Creativity At Home Week #6

Have you ever made sidewalk chalk paint? It’s fun and feels great to make and use. All you need is cornstarch, water, food coloring. After you gather your ingredients find a few big mixing bowls and set up your space with a table cloth underneath.

Mix together equal parts water and cornstarch. You can use a spoon to stir or you can use your hands to mix. This mixture is also called oobleck. Once your mix is smooth, add in a few drops of food coloring. Take a your paint outside to paint. Clean up is easy…spray it down with the hose or let it wash away with the rain.

Creativity At Home Week #5

Observing and Exploring

This week I am encouraging you to observe your surroundings. Look around you, smell, see, and wonder.   Spring is a time when the natural world is coming alive. I often catch myself listening to the drip, drip, drip of melting snow falling down from the roof. I am amazed by the work ethic of the birds gathering supplies from around them to make an intricately built home for their family.   Observe and explore your surroundings. What can you create that is inspired by your observations?

Creativity at Home Week #4

Making Art out of Natural Materials

Ever since I was a child, I have made art out of natural materials.  Whether it be playing in the mud or deconstructing pinecones, the natural world has always connected to me.  What about you. Here is an idea:

  1. Go outside and gather a variety of pinecones, stones, sticks, and sand.
  2. Find a place to work.
  3. Observe your pieces and lay them out in a way that is pleasing to you.
  4. I made a radial or circular design.  You might make a design or an image that has a name…perhaps a scene with mountains or a person.

Making natural art is a simple way to feel good and connect with the earth. Remember some art lasts forever but some art is not permanent. Enjoy the process.

Creativity at Home Week #3

Start a Daily Sketching Habit

Challenge yourself to sketch for at least 5 minutes a day and see what happens. Sketching can be about what you observe, see, smell and hear. Or sketches can be about what you feel. What you sketch isn’t as important as the fact that you are practicing daily sketching. If you practice something daily, you can start a good habit.

Follow these steps:

  1. Gather Supplies:
    1. Paper or a sketchbook
    2. Drawing Supplies: pencil, crayon, marker, ect.
  2. Find a workspace
    1. Set down a cloth if sitting outside
    2. Give yourself elbow room to work
    3. Find a place free from interruptions
  3. Observe and Sketch
    1. Look around and observe
    2. Simply sketch

Creativity at Home Week #2

All museums are currently closed with the Stay at Home order but you can visit many museums online. The Paul J. Getty Museum in Los Angelos has created a challenge that is connecting people all over the world.

  1. Browse an online museum to find a piece of fine art
  2. Choose 3 household items to create the piece with
  3. Pose for a photo and post it to the museum page.
  4. Here are a few examples.
  5. Share your post with me. I would love to see your creativity.

Creativity at Home Week #1

Hi All: There are so many ways to practice creativity when you are not at school. Check out the table below to explore.  Remember a few key things when making art. Art is a tool for expressing yourself… Always be you!