Art Class builds a studio based community where students work in Open Art Studios to create art, complete chores, and cultivate community. 

Full Guest Art Teacher Guide

As a Guest Teacher you will:

  1.  Expect to see students to working in a variety of ways. While many students will be working on a weekly themed art project, some students will be working through personal ideas, some will  be cleaning dishes, organizing studios, reading, sketching or building ideas together with 3-D objects…


  1. You will facilitate the children as they enter the classroom to behave like and artist who work in studios. The Daily purpose, procedures and studio information is on the northside  bulletin board and cupboards. We use this area of the classroom to communicate with each other what studios are open, what time of class we are in, what is school appropriate art?  Above and around the entrance door you will find the Student Station. Here you will find daily notes, first aid kit, sketchbook paper work, owl green team paperwork, passes to leave the class, ect. Students may take from this area as needed. You will also see the art class signals such as bathroom, question, how we walk, ect. 


  1. See the hourly baskets on the blue counter to find specific information about each grade level class.  While the procedures are mostly the same, they change a bit with maturity and age of the students. Always use your best judgement to adjust times as needed depending on the day.  I will usually leave a note or example on my easel to guide students who need it. 


  1. Manage the time for students by using an online class timer found on our blog at  I project a timer in full screen so that students can manage time. I set the timer to go off 12 minutes before the end of class. When the timer  BEEP BEEPS! students are supposed to Stop and put two hands up.(like a cooking competition) From this point you can shift the whole class into Clean Up mode. 


  1. Remind students to Walk in the Flow of the Room and Respect personal workspaces. All students have an assigned Workspace with a chair and table. Some students have Flexible Workspaces, this means they have a signed contract in his or her sketchbook saying they can move to work on the floor or table space. 



  • Be Yourself and Encourage others to do the same!  The main goal of this class is to teach our children to be themselves and contribute in a respectful, responsible, safe way.