Recycling Clay

Students work together to recycle clay. We use hammers, water, goggles and other tools to change the clay back to mud, then back to clay so that we can sculpt it again. It’s the clay cycle.

Hand in Hand Awards

Students had the opportunity to volunteer to make our hand in hand awards. These awards honor volunteers who serve our school. Thanks everyone for your help!

6th grade art uses teamwork to get back on track

At the start of class we had to go over rules Because of our bad behavior yesterday. and we were told that we had to contribute making a clay bowl for the Souper bowl supper. Right now we are working on making coils Ariana debaker, Adam gedion,James bradford,Matt Johnson,and latonya whitburn are helping make coils…

6th Graders at Work

Today we are making a flag. Some other students are making bowls for the super supper on Feb.28 2014. By Tera Wojtas


Today a group of students from the Youth Advisory Council came to Richardson elementary school. The Youth Advisory Council is a county wide group that raises money for grants and helps the community. The art class there taught by Jamie Merdzinski is preparing for the Souper bowl supper. Which is a fund raiser held to…

Soup Bowl Buddies

An Opportunity for 6th grade artists to the give the gift of Knowledge. 6th Grade Students will apply to be a Soup Bowl Buddy. Soup Bowl Buddies will work together during 6th grade Art Enrichment to teach kindergarten students how to make a clay bowl. Artists will teach plan writing and sketching, properties of clay,…

Souper Bowl Supper Artists At Work

We are excited to celebrate our hard work with a Souper Bowl Supper this Friday! Hooray! Come on out and support our students who made over 300 pots to sell to earn money to the local homeless shelter. medium a video by merdzinskij on Flickr.