Soup Bowl Buddies

An Opportunity for 6th grade artists to the give the gift of Knowledge.

6th Grade Students will apply to be a Soup Bowl Buddy.
Soup Bowl Buddies will work together during 6th grade Art Enrichment to teach kindergarten students how to make a clay bowl.
Artists will teach plan writing and sketching, properties of clay, handbuilding methods of clay.

6th Graders will share the idea of Chain Reaction.
The LIONS club gave us money to buy clay materials, I am giving the 6th grade students the opportunity to work in a clay studio, the 6th graders are giving the gift of knowledge, the kindergarten students are giving the soup bowls to the Souper Bowl Sale…What will happen next?

Everyone is invited to attend the Souper Bowl Supper.
What is the Soup Bowl Supper February 8.
6-8 at the High School Commons Area
$5.00 minimum bowls for sale

Students are introduced to the the idea that we are given opportunities because people in our community were generous. It is important to continue this cycle for community growth.

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